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Get AC Unit Temperature with Orchestrator


The other day I was requested to develop an interface that displays the temperature of the Air Condition (AC) units. You may ask that how is this possible and what is the relationship with IT?

Well, I asked the same questions but after digging a bit more, I found out that our AC unit has web interface based on XML.

Here is how the XML looks like.

In order to build an interface, I need the following:

  • A way to read the XML
  • A DB to write the data and display

In order to read the XML, I decided to use Query XML activity in Orchestrator Runbook Designer.

XML File: The URL of the AC Unit
XPath Query: Type the XPath query for your search

According to your preference, you can write the information to any SQL DB like below:

By ozgeozkaya
System Center & Automation