In-place OS Upgrade of Orchestrator

Since the EOL of Windows Server 2012 R2 has been announced, it is time to upgrade the OS of the System Center products to Server 2016. In this post, I will show the steps for in-place upgrade of SCO management server (1807) which has all the Orchestrator services.

The OS upgrade is straight forward and may take up to 90 minutes depending on your environment.

  1. Stop all running runbooks including Monitor Runbooks.
  2. Stop all Orchestrator services.
    • Orchestrator Management Service
    • Orchestrator Remoting Service
    • Orchestrator Runbook Server Monitor
    • Orchestrator Runbook Service
  3. Insert the Windows Server 2016 ISO and start the upgrade process.
  4. After the upgrade is completed, restart the server.
  5. Start all Orchestrator services.
  6. Start all Monitor runbooks.
  7. Open the Runbook Designer and check if all monitor runbooks are running.
  8. If you have Service Manager integration, check the Orchestrator Connector in Service Manager and try syncing manually. And verify that all imported runbooks in Service Manager are valid.
  9. Check Event Logs for any errors.

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