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In-place OS Upgrade of Configuration Manager


In this post, I will show the steps of upgrading SCCM OS from Windows Server 2012 R2 to 2016.

First, remove the WSUS role and System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP) client from the server if they are installed.

Locate the Windows Server 2016 installation media and start the upgrade process. Make sure your Antivirus software is compatible with 2016 otherwise you will be prompted to uninstall it during the upgrade.

Couple of things to check after the upgrade:

  • Make sure that the following services are up and running.
  • Ensure the Windows Process Activation and WWW/W3svc services are enabled, set for automatic start.
  • If you are upgrading the primary site server, then run a site reset. This will reset all the directory permissions and update the registry.
  • On the site server, Locate WMI Control for Local Computer. Go to Security tab and select SMS node and choose Security. Make sure SMS Admins group has the following permissions:
    • Enable Account
    • Remote Enable
  • On the Security tab below the SMS node, select the site_<sitecode> node, and then choose Security. Ensure the SMS Admins group has the following permissions:
    • Execute Methods
    • Provider Write
    • Enable Account
    • Remote Enable
  • Save the permission in order for the SCCM Admins to connect to the Console.
By ozgeozkaya
System Center & Automation