Upgrading SCOM 1801 to 1807 using WSUS and SCCM

In this post, I will show you how to upgrade SCOM 1801 to 1807 using WSUS and SCCM. Unfortunately there is no baseline media for SCOM 1807 that’s why you need to upgrade your environment using the patch files. There is also a way to download the updates manually from the Microsoft Update Catalog, using SCCM and WSUS is a better and faster solution.


  • SCCM with WSUS integration
  • SCOM 1801 deployed environment

In order to patch the current SCOM 1801 environment with the 1807 update files, first you need to select the SCOM 1807 product in SCCM to be synced with WSUS.

In SCCM console, go to: Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Configure Site Components > Software Update Point

Select SCOM 1807 under Products tab.

In order to get the updates from WSUS, simply Synchronize the Software Updates from Software Library.

Software Library > Software Updates > All Software Updates

Search for “Operations Manager 1807”.

Select all SCOM updates, right click and choose Create Software Update Group.

Follow the same procedures for the rest of the steps for downloading the updates.

In order to deploy the updates to the SCOM server, create a collection and add SCOM server(s) into it. Then deploy the Software Group to this collection.

That’s all you need to do in order to upgrade your SCOM environment from 1801 to 1807.

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