Installing SCOM agent on Orchestrator Server

When you are installing SCOM agent to System Center components, you may need to be careful because not always you can discover the server in SCOM and push the agent.

In your Orchestrator environment, if you have Service Manager console installed on the Orchestrator management server, the SCOM agent installation will fail and you will see the below event log.

Product: Microsoft Monitoring Agent — The Microsoft Monitoring Agent cannot be installed on a computer on which the Operations Manager management server, gateway server, Operations console, operational database, web console, System Center Essentials, or System Center Service Manager is already installed.

You have two options:

  • Uninstall Service Manger console
  • Edit the registry

I will go with the second option.

Locate the below registry using regedit.


According to your environment, find the related key and rename it with simply adding a character at the end.

Push the agent from SCOM. This time, the agent will successfully install.

Change the registry key name back to its original name.

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