How to monitor computer groups in SCOM?

When you are working in a complex IT environment, you may be asked to provide the status of the specific servers related to an IT section. For example, IT employees responsible for the application servers, they should be able to view the availability and health of these computers without being exposed to the rest of the servers.

Grouping comes into play.

SCOM gives a function to group computers. However, you need to take further actions in order to monitor the group itself.

When you first create the group that includes specific computers, you will realize that the group itself is not being monitored. This is a default behavior of SCOM.

Let’s assume that you have already created the group of Application Servers which includes related computers.

First thing you should do is to create a Dependency Rollup Monitor.

Target the monitor to the Application Servers group and keep the parent monitor as Availability. Always choose the same MP that you create the group.

On the Monitor Dependency part, choose Entity Health Availability.

Keep the Health Rollup Policy as it is.

On the Configure Alerts part, if you want to create alerts according to the status of the group object, you can enable it. Since the child computers are all monitored separately, in this example no need to create alert.

That’s all is needed to monitor the health of the group object in SCOM.

After some time, you will realize that the group is being monitored.

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