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Installing Zebra printer driver with SCCM


In order to install Zebra printer driver to the computers with SCCM, you will first need to extract the driver content from the exe file.

Deselect all check boxes because we don’t want to install the printer.

After the extraction is completed, you will get something like below.

PrnInst.exe will be used for silent installation of drivers. You need to show this file in the package content.

ZBRN folder is the actual driver folder. We will use it in the next steps.

Our SCCM server name is SCCM and we will install Zebra GK420t driver using USB port.

PrnInst.exe will be located on the below path in our SCCM server.

Content location = \\SCCM\Drivers\Zebra\PrnInst\

So in your application, this is how you should set up the content location:

The driver content however will be put in a separate folder that all PCs can access and this content will not be distributed. Because PrnInst.exe will read from this remote folder.

Drivers will be located in the below folder in our SCCM server.


Installation code:

PrnInst.exe “/DIR=\\SCCM\Drivers\Zebra\GK420T\ZBRN\” “/INSTPRN=ZDesigner GK420t#USB001”

DIR is the remote driver location.

INSTPRN is the name of the printer and the port that is used. Between the two, you need to put #.

In order to get the printer name correctly, you need to open the ZBRN.inf file with a text editor and find the printer name from the list.

Uninstall code:

PrnInst.exe “/UNINSTALLPRN=ZDesigner GK420t”

For the detection rule, simply use the registry key like below.

Deploy the application to a test computer and check both installation and uninstall process.

By ozgeozkaya
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