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SCCM 1902 Upgrade


In-console upgrade of SCCM 1902 is available. As best practice, it is always recommended to run the prerequisite check before you install the upgrade directly.

\Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing

The prerequisite check will take quite some time to complete. If there is no warning, it will show as passed. Click on Show Status.

Right click and choose Show Status.

All green. No warnings.

Pre-update Checklist

  • If you are using SCOM, take the site to planned Maintenance Mode.
  • Review the version of the Windows ADK for Windows 10
  • Review SQL Server Native Client version
  • Install all applicable critical Windows updates
  • Disable site maintenance tasks at each site
    • Backup Site Server
    • Delete Aged Client Operations
    • Delete Aged Discovery Data
  • Temporarily stop any antivirus software
  • Create a backup of the site database


Click on Install Update Pack from \Administration\Overview\Updates and Servicing.

You may select any feature that is applicable to your environment.

If you don’t select one of the features now and want to enable it later, you’ll be able to so by using the console Administration\Updates and Servicing\Features.

Click Next on the following screens. When you close the last screen, installation will begin and the status will change to Installing.

You can follow the installation progress from SCCM Installation Directory\Logs\CMUpdate.log.

After some time, the status will become Installed.

PoSt-update Checklist

  • Confirm version and restart (if necessary)
  • Reconfigure any disabled maintenance tasks
  • Disable SCOM maintenance task
  • Update Configuration Manager consoles (automatic console upgrade)
  • Update clients (automatic client upgrade)
  • Update custom boot images and media
    \Software Library\Overview\Operating Systems\Boot Images
    Boot images will automatically update during setup. Just verify the last update date of the Boot images.
By ozgeozkaya
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