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SQL 2016 upgrade for SCCM Server

In this post, I will show how to upgrade the SQL server of SCCM from 2012 S3 to 2016 SP1. Requirements: SCCM server with min SQL 2012 SP3 SQL Server 2016 SP1 installation media The overall steps for upgrading the SQL: Uninstall Reporting Services Point role. (Optional) Uninstall SQL Reporting services. (Optional) Remove/Delete SQL report server DB and log files. (Optional) Stop SCCM services...

Moving Orchestrator Database

In this post, I will demonstrate the steps for moving the remote Orchestrator database to the local management server. Since SQL 2016 is out there, we can also use as our new SQL server. My Orchestrator version is 1807 and SQL is on remote server with version 2012 SP1. It is recommended to upgrade the Orchestrator server OS to the latest before your upgrade the SQL. Install SQL Server 2016 on the...

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